Rock Solid


When landscape architect Rachel Jennings-Porter loses a nearly new boot escaping a stranger at Quarry Lake, she counts herself as lucky to have gotten away. The place was deserted, or should have been. Only nature kept her company as she inventoried the site - rare and delicate orchids, soaring osprey, a sleepy brown turtle - until the mysterious and all-too-human stranger appeared in the water. When that same stranger shows up at her office, wearing a winsome smile and carrying her lost boot, Rachel faces an uneasy decision. Save Quarry Lake, or save her job? For her trespasser" is none other than Street Wellman himself, the firm's most important client. But Street is no Prince Charming. And when that boot hits the table, Rachel's plans to make a good first impression fly right out the window - followed by her determination to keep Street at arms length.

Rock Solid is Cheryl Cooke Harrington and Anne Norman's first collaboration. Their second co-authored novel, Fast Focus, and Cheryl's Sparks Fly are also available.