A Kiss at Kihali


An uplifting and inspiring story of second chances that will warm your heart.

Renny Kudrow, Director of the Kihali animal orphanage in Kenya, and Starlite Higgins, the orphanage's wildlife vet, fall in love with a lonely baby rhino named Zuri but not--they think--with each other.

Lanky, dark-haired Renny is a brilliant scientist, a noted television personality, and an expert in animal communication. But human communication?

Not so much, thinks Starlite, the talented young vet he has hired over the objection of others who think a woman is not up to the job. He is prickly, remote, critical, and Starlite, anxious to please and accustomed to success, is unable to win his approval.

When Renny and Starlite must work together to save Zuri's life, they must face the secrets they both hide--and the attraction they can no longer deny.

A KISS AT KIHALI will appeal to readers who love animals and care about the future of endangered species.